Sunday, November 28, 2010

We Tried To Kill Ourselves?

Last spring semester we seemed to have a lot of time on our hands, and we got bored really often. Although we were able to entertain ourselves with cooking, decorating, and annoying each other, eventually those things just did not cut it. The next logical distraction we decided on was doing stupid, dangerous stuff to see if we could get away with it unhurt. That ended up completely consuming us for weeks. At first we were content with chopping potatoes or onions in different, funny ways, but the worse that ever happened was just a little skin getting cut off of our fingers, which is never a big deal since we would do that all the time normally on accident. Soon, that got to be boring as well, and we had to come up with something else. Larissa’s new favorite pass time had become leaning over the railing and seeing how far she could get without actually falling over the edge. Kelly didn’t really find this attempt of survival as enjoyable as Larissa since we were on the third floor of our apartment complex, and she was pretty sure Larissa would slip and die one day, and made Larissa stop. So once again, they were back to ground zero.
One day as we were bored beyond belief and talking about childhood memories, Kelly mentioned that she had Bugles one time when she was young and had a severe allergic reaction to them that had landed her in the hospital. Larissa was sure they’d hit the jackpot when Kelly had told the story. This is it! This was bound to keep us entertained for at least a few hours! Excitedly, Larissa made Kelly come to the store with her, so that she could buy Bugles. Just to stay on the safe side she called Alex (our medic friend) to make sure that he didn’t have anything going on that night so that if we needed him we would be able to get a hold of him. He was quite curious as to why we were wondering, but we figured we’d just let it be a surprise... especially since we knew that if we told him, he wouldn’t have let us try it. Larissa bought the Bugles and we rushed back. Once they got back to the apartment Larissa opened the bag and hurriedly shoved them at Kelly. Hesitantly, but excitedly at the same time, Kelly bit into a Bugle, slowly chewed, and carefully swallowed. And then we waited. ….nothing happened. Ok well maybe it needed to be more than one Bugle we thought, so Kelly continued to munch on the Bugles while Larissa hovered over her, hoping for something amazing to happen. 45 minutes later, with still nothing exciting happening to Kelly, Larissa lost interest in hovering, and they settled on watching a movie while Kelly continued to munch on the deadly chips.
In the end, nothing ended up happening. Whatever allergic reaction Kelly had experienced when she was young apparently went away as she got older, because she ate that entire bag of Bugles, and didn’t even swell up a little bit. Not only that, but Larissa was out 3 bucks since she had bought the bag. We eventually decided that the distraction we should probably focus on a bit more was our homework, and we stopped trying to kill ourselves, although it did make for some fun memories nonetheless.

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